For Matters of the Mind, Choose Mindset Matters

Meet Jade...

As the Founder of Mindset Matters, Jade understands the importance of wellbeing and the impact it can have on your life. Having graduated London City University with a MSc Health Psychology Degree achieved with Distinction,

Jade has a decade of experience working within the fields of Addiction Recovery, Criminal Justice, Mental Health,  Employment Coaching and Organisational Change

A strong believer in the importance of a positive mindset as the most important foundation for sustainable wellbeing and real change, she launched Mindset Matters in 2019. Prior to launching, Jade worked at The Royal College of Psychiatrists contributing to the development of two standards-based quality improvement programs, centred around Organisational Change and the creation of positive workplace cultures. With a passion for both personal and professional wellbeing, Mindset Matters has programs tailored to individuals and organisations. 

The question we will leave you with is simple.... 

If not now, when?

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