Notebook and Pen

Mindset Matters was founded in 2018 by Jade Ecobichon-Gray in response to continued wellness inequity in our workplaces and communities. With a MSc. Health Psychology degree and over a decade of experience working in the voluntary, private and public sector, Jade is passionate about empowering organisations to embed social wellness programs that create sustainable positive change. 


Jade understands the importance of not just a holistic wellness perspective, but a whole society perspective. Her ability to translate the impact of social inequality on workplace health outcomes into a powerful call to action gives her an edge in the wellness industry. With a knowledge base developed over years of working within social care and organisational change, including addiction recovery, mental health, criminal justice, inclusion and diversity and organisational development, Jade is a straight-talking social wellness advocate.  


At Mindset Matters we believe that social wellness should sit at the heart of every workplace culture. Prioritising how people feel, as well as function, fosters an enhanced sense of belonging, inclusion, stability and purpose.

It is time for us to change direction when it comes to wellnessWe must be bold enough and brave enough to move beyond feel good quotations, short-term solutions and quick-fix strategies.


We will support your organisation to deconstruct the word wellbeing through diverse and inclusive stakeholder engagement in order to elicit new ways of thinking, being and doing. The next step is working with you to embed holistic wellness programs that are evidence-based, equitable and able to evolve in response to new research findings and changes in the social landscape. 

Our work is driven by curiosity, creativity and innovation resulting in relevant, achievable and engaging programs that champion diversity and cultural awareness. By equipping leaders with expert knowledge, skills and tools we hope to fulfil the wellbeing needs of every individual in their workplace and their community.

Together we can be bolder, braver, better.