Wellness Workshops

What is Social Wellness?

60 mins

Join us on this workshop to explore the foundational pillar of Social Wellness.


Too often workplace wellness programs focus on the wellness of individuals, and not the wellness of the organisation. Our aim is to highlight the importance of connection, community, relationships and equity in promoting good health and wellbeing at work.

Learning to Appreciate Stress

90 mins

Instead of trying to eliminate stress, this workshop presents ground-breaking research which proves that not only should we should embrace stress, we should appreciate it.


Changing your stress mindset can positively impact how stress affects your life, your health and your performance.

Resilience -  Why is it important?

60 mins

This workshop aims to demystify resilience, challenge the current status quo, and show you what a healthy dose of resilience looks like and how it can be obtained. 

Did you know that too much resilience is actually detrimental to your health and the health of your business?

Women's Wellness

120 mins

When you empower a woman to transform her wellbeing, you also improve the health and happiness of families, workplaces and communities.

We empower women by providing the tools and resources necessary to enhance both mind and body wellness. 

Rethinking Anxiety

60 mins


This workshop explores the impact of anxiety and introduces research to show how we can break the cycle of anxiety, stress and panic.


We will discuss self- regulation and provide strategies to support you in managing distressing thoughts and feelings. 

Cultivating a Growth Mindset

60 mins

Your mindset can empower you with the confidence to explore, try, and most importantly, learn.


We provide tools and strategies to help you build a growth mindset business resulting in higher levels of engagement, increased innovation and greater employee wellbeing.