From The Ground Up

Are you a business that's ready for a wellness revamp. Do you want to re-design your workplace wellness strategy in order to create a more open-minded, forward-thinking and socially conscious business culture? From The Ground Up is here to help. 


Designed for businesses and organisations who are ready to prioritise active participation, social consciousness and a community approach. Wellness must be more than a checkbox exercise or a fleeting flash in the pan endeavour, which is why our program takes you on an end-to-end journey from initiation to maintenance. Educating and empowering your leaders results in meaningful co-production, creating a workplace wellness strategy that is fit for purpose and fit for the future.  

We will work with you to create a strategy that is evidence-based, equitable and able to evolve in response to new research findings and changes in the social landscape. Providing a full report of our evidence-based recommendations for success. 

Key benefits for your business

  • Introduction to social wellness

  • Exploration of business requirements

  • Employee focus groups - What does wellness mean to you?

  • Management seminar 1 - How well is your business?

  • Management seminar 2 - Cultivating a growth mindset

  • Identification of wellness KPIs anchored to your business values and behaviours

  • Recommendations for success report - based on your business requirements, resources and potential roadblocks

  • Cultural awareness seminar 

  • Inclusive, engaging comms and a clear call to action

  • Following-up on feedback

  • Staying socially informed 

  • Evolving with the evidence-base

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