Stand Up Meeting

Making a Mark

Are you an open-minded, progressive and forward thinking business keen to finally nail your social wellness offering. The making a mark package is here to help. 


Designed for businesses and organisations who have already made progress in their workplace wellness journey but now feel like it's running it out steam. We get it! Good intentions without a good strategy very often results in a loss of momentum. We know what it's like when wellness has become a series of activities rather than a return on investment. When it has fallen into an under-utilised employee assistance program or worse still, when it has become an increasingly cumbersome side of the desk job for a handful of passionate and well-meaning colleagues.

We will work with you to bring life back to your wellness strategy, providing a full report of our evidence-based recommendations for success. 



What we do:​

  • Social Wellness Questionnaire


  • Introduction to Social Wellness 


​What we do:

  • Recommendations for success report

  • Co-production of Social Wellness KPIs 



​What we do:

  • Co-production of an equitable wellness strategy 


  • Communicating the Vision

  • Building a Culture of Wellness


​​​What we do:

  • Social wellness questionnaire

  • Program analysis and review to evaluate progress, success and return on investment


  • Maintaining Social Wellness

Key Benefits:​

  • Established strategic direction

  • Identified resource requirements for success

  • Improved alignment between SLT, colleagues and stakeholders.

Key Benefits:

  • Collective engagement

  • Enhanced belonging & inclusion 

  • Established measures of success

  • Improved team working and individual morale

Key Benefits:​

  • Equitable workplace culture

  • Reduction in stress & anxiety

  • Improved physical health

  • Increased organisational performance 

Key Benefits:

  • Improved recruitment & retention

  • Demonstrable value for money

  • Responsive wellness

  • Creation of a workplace community


*Total costs will depend on the size and complexity of your organisation. Mindset Matters UK is committed to supporting wellness in our community, 10% of the the total cost will go into our social wellness fund aimed at supporting local charities and grassroots organisations in the UK.