Wellness that changes your workplace culture

A successful business depends on the success of its people. So, we will help you prioritise how your people feel, not just how they function, resulting in improved wellbeing, more inclusion, and purposeful productivity.

We move your business beyond short term solutions towards proactive wellness initiatives that work for every body, and every mind.


Our Services

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Wellness Workshops

We can provide a wellness workshop series to help your team understand their own wellbeing and how this impacts their work, productivity and professional relationships.

Strategy Consulting

We can support you to develop an inclusive and sustainable wellness strategy that delivers authentic and measurable results in your business.

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Management Training

Our 4-part training series is expertly designed to up-skill and empower your managers to create an environment that fosters wellbeing, growth, and innovation.

Meet our founder

Jade Ecobichon-Gray is the Founder of Mindset Matters UK. She’s on a mission to empower businesses to look at workplace wellness through a social lens, understanding the importance of connection, community and equity for a better workplace, and a better world! 


Jade has over a decade of industry experience and academic insight and will support you to analyse your business so you can create in a fresh, innovative, and unique approach to workplace wellness for the future.

Jade currently sits on the Professional Liverpool Health Board, is a member of the ITV Granada Diversity &Inclusion Panel and has recently joined the Liverpool Race Equality Business Support Group.

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What our clients say
about us

I was delighted to work with Mindset Matters UK on the development of a workplace wellness strategy for my organisation. I was immediately impressed with Jade's knowledge, experience and passion for the subject, which convinced me to engage her company. The work she led was well organised and thoughtful, adjusting where necessary for our specific needs. Jade is an inspiring speaker and staff enjoyed her workshops and training sessions, several contacting me afterwards to say how much they had enjoyed them. Mindset Matters UK proposes a whole new way of thinking about how to lead teams and manage people and provides the practical tools to make change happen. "Highly recommended" would be an understatement.

Mark Egan

Former Greffier of the States

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