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Welcome to Mindset Matters

Your dedicated partner in advancing meaningful workplace wellness and promoting authentic Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI). Our focus on both Wellness and EDI initiatives provides your organisation with customised, interconnected strategies and expert training programs, designed to empower your team. We are committed to enhancing wellbeing, improving team dynamics and nurturing a culture of belonging and inclusion. Together, we can create an environment where every individual thrives.

At Mindset Matters, we specialise in social wellness and EDI consultancy services tailored to both public and private sector organisations. Our end-to-end consultancy solutions are designed to create, implement, and sustain equitable social wellness strategies and EDI initiatives. From bespoke consulting services to informative workshops and staff training programs, we offer a range of services to ensure your organisation achieves positive outcomes and lasting impacts.

Meet Our founder

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Jade Ecobichon-Gray brings her extensive expertise as a social wellness and EDI consultant to the forefront of business transformation. With a rich background in developing and sustaining holistic strategies, Jade's work across both public and private sectors has pioneered innovative approaches to workplace wellness and EDI. You can explore her professional journey further on her LinkedIn profile.

Jade's passion for the recognition, and implementation of an intersectional approach informs every facet of our consultancy. She also understands that true workplace wellness is achieved only when it is integrally tied with comprehensive EDI efforts. This understanding drives our mission at Mindset Matters UK—to not just implement, but to embed lasting social wellness and EDI strategies that deliver tangible value and foster a truly inclusive environment.

Jade is a member of the ITV Granada Diversity & Inclusion Panel, and is also a mentor for the Women of Colour Global Network underpinning her commitment to community and professional engagement. 

Susy Collins

HR & Training Manager

Kleinwort Hambros

Mindset Matters designed an 8-week training programme on a number of important wellbeing topics. Our staff benefitted from this training, and I will continue to use Jade moving forward.


I had extremely great feedback from Kleinwort Hambros staff, and I personally attended all sessions. Professional, well presented, and able to adapt to changing requests quickly. 

Lisa Jane Gillespie

Head of Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

DK Publishing

Working with Mindset Matters has been constructive, challenging, insightful and meaningful. Jade's workshops are skilfully crafted. They explore power, privilege, social justice, and belonging in very deep, real, personal, pertinent ways; ways that allow managers from different experiences to connect and discover more, whatever their individual and professional lens may be. Some attendees will find this natural and stimulating, others will find it difficult at first.


Jade brings an elegant and open atmosphere to group conversations, fostering dialogue rather than debate. Together the content and the delivery provide a forum for colleagues to share their own identities and cultures, as well as delving into how those manifest in society and at work.


The result of each workshop has been a cohort that is engaged, empowered, empathetic and more acutely aware of different experiences.


DK highly recommends Mindset Matters.

Mark Egan

Chief Executive Officer

Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh

I was delighted to work with Mindset Matters UK on the development of a workplace wellness strategy for my organisation. I was immediately impressed with Jade's knowledge, experience and passion for the subject, which convinced me to engage her company.


The work she led was well-organised and thoughtful, adjusting where necessary for our specific needs. Jade is an inspiring speaker and staff enjoyed her workshops and training sessions, several contacting me afterwards to say how much they had enjoyed them.


Mindset Matters UK proposes a whole new way of thinking about how to lead teams and manage people and provides the practical tools to make change happen.


"Highly recommended" would be an understatement.


Edward Pavillion, Royal, Edward Pavilion, Liverpool L3 4AF





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