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Passion led us here

We believe it's time for workplace wellness and DEI to be transformed.


Gone are the days when a calendar of 'awareness events' was enough to engage and empower your team.


A successful business depends on the success of its people. So we will help you prioritise how your people feel, not just how they function, resulting in improved wellness, meaningful inclusion, and purposeful productivity.


We will help you move beyond short term solutions and towards proactive and sustainable strategies.

Headshot of Jade Ecobichon Gray

Meet our founder

Jade Ecobichon-Gray, BSc (Hons) MSc., is a social wellness and DEI consultant with extensive experience in business development and transformational change initiatives. Jade works with both public and private sector organisations to create, embed, and sustain social wellness and DEI strategies through bespoke end to end consultancy, workshop facilitation, and management training. 


Jade is passionate about the intersection of wellbeing and racial identity, understanding that workplace wellness must be aligned to DEI to achieve value on investment for staff from diverse backgrounds. In her spare time, Jade writes and facilitates workshops about her experiences as a ‘white-assumed’ mixed-race woman.

Our Clients

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