Passion led us here

We believe it's time for workplace wellness to be transformed.


Gone are the days when a calendar of “wellness events” was enough to engage and empower your team.


A successful business depends on the success of its people. So we will help you prioritise how your people feel, not just how they function, resulting in improved wellbeing, more inclusion, and purposeful productivity.


We will help you move beyond short term solutions towards proactive wellness initiatives that work for every body, and every mind.

Headshot of Jade Ecobichon Gray

Meet our founder

Jade Ecobichon-Gray is the Founder of Mindset Matters UK. She’s on a mission to empower businesses to look at workplace wellness through a social lens, understanding the importance of connection, community and equity for a better workplace, and a better world! 

Jade has over a decade of industry experience and academic insight She will support you to analyse your business so you can create a fresh, innovative, and unique approach to workplace wellness for the future.